How to Book

You can’t wait for the next Indian Spirit Festival and are looking for the right ticket for you? Then take good care now.

1. select ticket

You need a festival ticket so that you can enjoy the beautiful stages and the entire festival site, with artists and other offers from all over the world.

  • One Day Ticket – If you just want to get a taste of the festival, then the One Day Ticket is just the thing. It allows you to see and experience the colorful, psychedelic hustle and bustle once. With this ticket, you can spend 24 hours at the Indian Spirit Festival. You can then park your car in our beautiful day visitor parking lot.
  • Full Weekend Ticket – If you want to experience all days full of love, dance and trance live, then the 3-Day-REGULAR-Ticket is just right for you.
2. Camping

If you want to use not only the festival grounds but also the camping area, you will also need a camping ticket.

  • Camping ticket – Here you can arrive with your car, park and set up camp next to it. The use of the campsite with all its facilities and sanitary facilities is also included in the camping ticket. An additional €10 cash deposit is payable at the campsite entrance. There are 3 different tickets. The Wednesday/Thursday camping ticket up to and including Tuesday, the Friday camping ticket up to and including Tuesday and the Saturday camping ticket up to and including Tuesday. Depending on the day of arrival you have the choice.
3. Special Camping

If you don’t want to set up the tent, simply book the Special Camping Package. This includes a fully assembled tent.

  • Here you have the choice between different sized tents and equipment. You can find the detailed selection options here
4. Extras

Make your festival more relaxed with our extras.

  • Mobile toilet – The mobile toilet is driven directly to your pitch and set up where you want it.

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