Workshops & Activities

At the Indian Spirit Festival you have the opportunity to take part in various activities, workshops and courses. You can find a small overview of the variety here.


Experience a spiritual journey at the Indian Spirit Festival and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of yoga. Amidst the breathtaking backdrop, you can take part in yoga classes led by renowned teachers. Find inner peace and balance through meditative practices. Feel the energy and harmony created by the interplay of body, mind and soul. Be inspired by and at the Indian Spirit Festival!


Immerse yourself in a world of creativity, healing and self-awareness at the Indian Spirit Festival. Explore your artistic side in creative workshops, learn healing techniques to promote your well-being, discover the power of massage for body and mind, find relaxation and balance in meditation workshops and dance freely in energetic dance sessions. The Indian Spirit Festival offers you a variety of opportunities to unfold yourself and explore new dimensions. Let the magic begin!

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