The camping ticket

A camping & sanitation fee is charged to cover the costs of camping and for the use of the showers, the water toilets, the electricity at the shower cabins and the consumption of drinking water on the grounds. The prices vary according to the day and time of arrival and are listed in detail in the table below. This fee is collected from each guest on site (no online sale), as everyone has the option of camping. There are no exceptions made!

If you want to sleep in a beautiful Festipi or a casual tent that has already been set up for you, you can book this option in advance via our ticket shop Booking on site is not possible.

Mobile toilet
If you would like to have a mobile toilet at your camping site, you can also order this in advance via our ticket shop .

Bus travel
Besides travelling by foot, bike or car, you can of course also travel by taxi, train or bus. GoaExpress and Hardtours offer bus tours to the Indian Spirit Festival via our ticket shop .

Pricing on site

Day of arrivalCamping- and sanitaryfeeWaste depositpricing with 
presale ticket
On Wednesday
55,00 €5,00 €60,00 €
On Thursday
08:00 a.m.
45,00 €5,00 €50,00 €
On Friday
08:00 a.m.
35,00 €5,00 €40,00 €
On Saturday 
08:00 a.m.
25,00 €5,00 €30,00 €
On Sunday 
08:00 a.m.
20,00 €entfällt20,00 €

Admission only with a valid identity document and in compliance with the age restriction!