camping equipment

From now on, rent your camping equipment at the Indian Spirit Festival for the love of the environment! Whether it's sleeping bags, camping mats, towels or gas stoves - for a small deposit you can borrow what you need for camping and return it after the festival at the Special Camping. This way you not only have less to lug around, but also do something good for the planet. 

You can buy the tickets for the rental products in advance in our ticket shop .

Available for rent:

  1. camping mats
  2. sleeping bags
  3. camping chairs
  4. fleece blankets
  5. towels
  6. gas stove

Your advantages:

  1. less luggage to bring to the festival
  2. small rental deposit and not having to buy everything new all the time
  3. a cleaner festival area
  4. protect the environment

Mobile toilet

If you would like to have your own mobile toilet at your camping site for you and your party crew, you can also order this in advance via our ticket shop . 

The mobile toilet is sufficient for up to 12 people and will be driven directly to your campsite or set up where you want it. You can find more information in the ticket shop.